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Jury Finds for DLGpc Cattle Feeder


A Cuming County NE jury adopted David Domina and Claudia Stringfield-Johnson's arguments for a Nebraska Cattle Feeder persuasive in its July 2005 verdict. The Cattle Feeding company, located in Nebraska's largest feeding area, was sued by a small customer group. The group claimed it was overcharged for feeding services.

"Strong evidence proved the disgruntled customers were trying to pass their own financial problem to the feeder; their claims were not proven" Dave Domina said. Domina credited Stringfield-Johnson with "good pretrial discovery" to make the case presentation successful.

The case "is likely to dispose of several other" pending disputes sponsored by the same group of persons against the feeder. Commercial cattle feeding is a major Nebraska industry. The state is second only to Texas in the number of fed cattle sold for slaughter annually.

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