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Nebraska Wrongful Death Lawyers

Seeking Justice for the Loss of Your Loved One

Wrongful death. This is the law's name for the breathtaking emptiness a wife, husband, parent, or child feels when a loved one is taken because of someone else's mistake. Wrongful death devastates.

Wrongful death happens when life ends because someone else makes a mistake, or commits a willful or wanton wrongful act. Life should not end, but someone else makes it end. More specifically, death is "wrongful" under the law when it is caused by conduct that violates a legal duty owed by the wrongdoer to the person killed.

This may be a duty to drive at a reasonable speed, build a safe product, or provide medical care of at least average quality. Death is wrongful when life is snuffed out because someone else does something the law says should not occur. When a breached duty causes death, next of kin are wrongfully deprived of their loved ones.

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Why Pursue Damages Through a Wrongful Death Claim?

Wrongful death is not a remedy for loss of life or compensation for the person killed. She or he is gone. The survivors suffer. They are without support, love, advice, companionship, nurturing, loving, and shared goals. The law merely provides a way for those who live to bear the burden of a premature death. This is “wrongful death.”

We do all we can to turn a premature death into a chance for our clients to win the compensation we think they are entitled to have. Our case selection process is thoughtful. We understand wrongful death. We know what it means, and we understand how important it is to focus on the real purpose of the law: to compensate the next of kin for their loss and to use the law to prevent such lapses from recurrence.

Sometimes examples are good teachers. At Domina Law Group, our wrongful death lawyers in Omaha work with families who have lost loved ones due to situations like the following:

  • Trucker violations of safety rules
  • Airplane manufacturing defects
  • Defective truck and auto parts
  • Negligent use of firearms
  • Home and building explosions
  • Farm equipment malfunction
  • Building design defects & collapses
  • Roadway / highway design defects
  • City and State law enforcement errors
  • Medical malpractice
  • Electrocution – overhead lines
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Injuries by unsupervised animals
  • Falls from unsafe structures

How Domina Law Group pc llo Can Help

Why are we called to help broken families cope with death? There are several reasons. First, we practice law to serve people. Service in time of greatest need provides the greatest chance to help. Second, we take hard cases. Most do not! Third, we work hard at your case.

Sometimes we have to be a detective. We found the problem that made a rotating shaft unsafe which resulted in the tragic death of a little boy. We found a broken seat belt piece in airplane wreckage after the investigators missed it. We found a manufacturing defect in a passenger restraint belt loop that cut in half during a survivable crash. And, We found the mechanism of injury in a terrible electrocution case.

Let us offer examples:

  • An emblem off a semi-tractorfound by Domina Law Group pc llo personnel lying behind the second row of seats in a passenger van after a head on collision told the force of impact story.
  • An unconnected alarm system required as a seizure alertfound disconnected by Domina Law Group pc llo – solved the mystery of a developmentally disabled person.
  • And, careful combing of a report specially printed at Domina Law Group's request led to liability against a hospital for wrongfully discharging a surgery patient who bled to death on the way home. Discharge should not have happened.

Recent Results:

  • Wrongful Death Child – Mental Health facility failed to adequately monitor at risk teen. $0 pre-suit offer by defendant. Six-figure settlement during discovery phase.
  • Wrongful Death Adult – Motor vehicle and Semi collision. Significant contributory negligence. Six-figure settlement on eve of trial.
  • Wrongful Death Child – Semi-truck accident on interstate. Driver determined to be medicine non-compliant at time of collision. $1.4+ million settlement during discovery phase.
  • Wrongful Death Adult – Product defect. $3+ million dollar settlement pre-trial.
  • Wrongful Death Child – Motor Vehicle collision. $600,000+ settlement.
  • Wrongful Death Child – Motor Vehicle collision. $1.5+ million settlement.
  • Wrongful Death Child – Motor vehicle accident with contributory negligence. Six-figure settlement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Wrongful Death Occur?

A Wrongful Death is a direct result of the willful act or negligence of another person. A Wrongful Death may be caused by another party’s careless act such as improperly operating a motor vehicle, providing professional care, or working at a job site. Defective products, suffering from manufacturing flaws, or design defects, can also lead to Wrongful Death. Essentially any death that is caused by another person is potentially a wrongful death action.

What Wrongful Death Claim(s) Do I Have?

When death is instantaneous, the next of kin’s claim is the only one to survive. But, where fright, or mental anguish, or pain precede death and affect a conscious or semiconscious victim a Wrongful Death claim can be accompanied by a separate claim for conscious pain and suffering. This conscious pain and suffering claim, unlike the Wrongful Death claim, seeks damages for what the decedent experienced before death occurred.

Who Can Receive Compensation for a Wrongful Death?

Claims for Wrongful Death are designed to compensate the deceased person’s next of kin for the loss of the loved one’s care, love, affection, support, advice, and other services. The Wrongful Death case is brought for the next of kin, not the decedent. Family members financially connected to the decedent, such as dependents or beneficiaries, may be entitled to compensation. Domina Law Group understands no financial sum could ever replace a loved one, but our Trial Lawyers know how to help Clients regain the feeling of security and financial stability during a time of grief.

What Are Survivors Entitled to in Wrongful Death Cases?

Damages that family members can pursue if a loved one has suffered a Wrongful Death include:

  • Expenses incurred by the wrongful death of the deceased (funeral, medical, etc.)
  • Loss of future earnings anticipated over the lifetime of the deceased.
  • Benefits lost due to the victim's death (medical insurance, pension, 401K, etc.)
  • Survivors pain, suffering and mental anguish caused by the victim's wrongful death.
  • Companionship, care or protection lost to the survivors as a result of the wrongful death.
  • The financial value of the services the deceased would have provided for their child's education and maintenance
  • Punitive damages (damages awarded to punish the defendant)

When your Nebraska wrongful death suit goes to court, judges and juries will decide your amount of damages based on pecuniary injury. That means they will look at how much money the family lost in terms of support, services, lost prospect of inheritance, and medical or funeral costs. Damage awards will also include interest from the date the family member died.

How Long Do I Have to File a Wrongful Death Claim?

This depends on the state in which the Wrongful Death or Personal Injury occurred. Some states require Wrongful Death claims to be filed within two (2) years from the date of death; some states allow more time, some allow less.

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As Domina Law Group pc llo's Omaha wrongful death lawyers, we found tell-tale liability evidence in vehicle and farm tractor rollover cases, missed cancer diagnosis cases, and machine entanglement cases. We found the true trajectory of the bullet. We found the weapon that caused the death. Why do families with loved ones lost to wrongful death come to us? The answer is simple: we strive to be more curious, more studious, more inquisitive, and more prepared…and we never stop striving.

We do the work. We help the next of kin with the destruction of wrongful death, and we do it by working through the law to get the last full measure of compensation, to the utmost extent of our abilities and imaginations.

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