Improper Execution of a Trust or Will

Nebraska Will and Trust Contest Attorney

In order for a Will to be valid, it must be properly executed. Nebraska has strict statutory requirements for Wills. While in some states, it witnesses are required, in Nebraska it is admissible to have holographic Wills. These types of documents must be meticulously scrutinized in order to prove validity and to prove that they were not forged or coerced. In some cases, a testator may be required to declare in front of two disinterested witnesses that the document accurately reflects their last Will and testament and also is executed freely and voluntarily. In many states, the testator as well as the two witnesses will be required to sign the document under oath. Even with these tight formalities, Wills may still be contested.

Will Contests generally arise when one or more people are surprised by the way an estate was administered. This surprise typically warrants suspicion, which calls into question the validity of the Will entirely. Our firm has helped resolve cases in which Wills were executed on death beds, Wills were signed in unusual or suspicious areas, Wills or trusts that contained strange provisions for distributing estate, Wills where people were surprisingly omitted, Wills that were inconsistent with the testator's pattern of behavior and even Wills that were drafted by attorneys who knew little about the testator and their wishes.

The Jury's Role in Will & Trust Contest Cases

It is very common for Will contest cases to reach the courtroom, especially those that call into question the mental capacity or possible manipulation of the testator. When these cases are handled in court, the jury will be responsible for deciding whether or not the Will was executed by someone who fully understood what they were doing. The jury will have to evaluate if the Will accurately reflected the wishes of the testator. In order to present a compelling case to the jury, you will need an attorney with considerable skill, experience and intuition.

Since your case may go to trial, you need to face this type of case with an attorney whose specialty is trial practice. Domina Law Group has brought more than 300 trials to verdict and has argued more than 260 state and federal appeals. This is trial experience that you can put your confidence in. We offer free case evaluations for those who believe that they have been wronged by an improper execution of a Will. We have tried multiple contest cases to conclusion before juries and are also skilled to handle these cases by way of mediation or arbitration.

If you are looking for an attorney whose experience in the field of Will and trust contests is unparalleled, then contact Domina Law Group today.

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