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Are You Suffering From A Serious Burn?

There were 35 million fire and heat-related injuries in 2013 alone according to analyses for the Global Burden of Disease Study, and resulted in approximately 238,000 deaths and 2.9 million hospitalizations[1]. Burns can be caused by a variety of sources, including hot surfaces, fire, electrical currents, and chemicals.

No matter what caused the burn, it can have a dramatic impact on both your short term and long term life.

How Will You Be Affected?

Burns can be caused by anything from scalding hot water to a vehicle fire resulting from an accident, and have four levels of severity:

  • First-degree burn - A minor burn affecting the outer layer of skin, or epidermis, and often causes pain, swelling, and redness in the affected area. It will usually heal within a week with first-aid.
  • Second-degree burn - A burn affecting both the epidermis as well as the second layer of skin, or dermis, and often causes severe pain, white, red, or splotchy skin, and swelling. The burn may appear to be moist or wet, can develop blisters, and more severe second-degree burns may result in scarring.
  • Third-degree burn - A severe burn affecting the epidermis, dermis, and the fat layer underneath the skin. A third-degree burn may destroy the nerves in the affected area, and may leave the injured area charred black or wet. The skin can appear leathery or waxy, and since many third-degree burns occur from large fires, the victim may also be experiencing the effects of smoke inhalation like difficulty breathing or carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
  • Fourth-degree burn - The most severe type of burn that affects epidermis, dermis, fat layer, muscles, tendons, and bone. Fourth-degree burns often appear black, and can lead to the loss or removal of the burned area or limb.

Get the Legal Representation You Need

If you or a loved one suffered a severe burn injury because of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim to secure the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses, as well as any other damages you may incur.

Our burn injury lawyers at Domina Law Group pc llo have been fighting for hundreds of clients since our doors opened in 1975, and have successfully secured over $2 billion in verdicts and settlements over that time.

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