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Displaced Residents of South Sioux City File Lawsuits Against Bog Ox Energy, City


South Sioux City residents who were displaced from their homes by foul odors have filed the first three of what will likely be several more lawsuits against Big Ox Energy and the city itself.

Domina Law Group attorney David Domina filed these lawsuits on behalf of Michael and Jacqueline Klassen, David and Maria DeLeon, and Jonathan and Betty Goodier, some of the 26 landowners who were displaced from their homes in October of 2016.

According to the lawsuits, the gasses and odors that forced these families from their homes came from the Big Ox Energy plant, and threatened their health as well as ruined their home’s values and their properties.

The gas and odor issue began after a project that was supposed to reduce the sewer expenses of several major industries and produce valuable methane gas reportedly caused hydrogen sulfide, a highly flammable and incredibly dangerous gas, to flow down sewer pipes.

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