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Displaced South Sioux City Residents File Tort Claims Against the City


The South Sioux City residents who have been unable to return home since last October due to hydrogen sulfide leaks rendering their houses uninhabitable recently filed tort claims against the city. They are seeking $35 million in damages.

Domina Law Group attorney David Domina filed their 19 claims on Monday, May 8. The claims are as large as $5 million per family, and are seeking ongoing damages starting from September 1, 2016 to their personal property and homes, in addition to other costs associated with their displacement, including for personal injuries and medical bills.

"During that dead time, between, the filing we made this week and the time when suit is allowed, the city can investigate, it can negotiate, it can settle the claim, or, if it prefers, it can do nothing, so that places the ball in the city of South Sioux City's court," said Domina.

South Sioux City now has six months to respond to these claims.

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