What to Ask When Meeting an Attorney

What to Ask When Meeting an Attorney

Meeting a LawyerIf you have a legal matter, anything involving car accidents to professional negligence, you may have looked into obtaining an attorney. This means you have done some research and you may have set up a consultation to discuss your case. However, do you know how to prepare for your meeting with an attorney? What questions are you going to ask? What is most important for you to know about the firm?

At Domina Law Group, we like our potential clients to be prepared for their consultation. Because of this, our Nebraska trial attorneys offer some tips that can help you so you know what questions to ask when meeting with a lawyer.

Do You Have Experience in My Type of Case?

Just because an attorney has been to trial doesn’t mean they have the ability to handle all types of cases. You should ask the attorney if they have handled cases similar to yours. Knowing this can help you make an educated decision regarding whether or not to retain this lawyer.

Have You Won in Trial?

If there’s one thing that a client should be looking for, it is the quality of the law firm. Most often, this means the results that an attorney has been able to secure. Knowing that the attorney has won cases similar to yours should mean a great deal in the selection process.

How Long Have You Practiced Law?

Knowing the years of experience can be important when hiring a lawyer. This shows that the attorney has remained up to date on the various laws associated with your type of case and they have been around long enough to understand the details involved.

What Do You Charge?

For some people, knowing that they can afford a lawyer is the key to their decision making. Besides that, you can have an idea of what budget you will need to retain representation for serious matters.

If you need help with a legal matter, reach out to our team at Domina Law Group today.