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Despite Presidential Rejection, TransCanada Pushes for KXL

transcanada pipeline

TransCanada doesn’t seem to care that the White House rejected its bid for a cross-border permit. The Canadian oil giant says it will continue its efforts to make Keystone XL a reality.

Although President Obama rejected TransCanada’s permit application to construct its new pipeline, the company says it will continue to look for new ways to make Keystone XL a reality. TransCanada, which has already spent $2.4 billion trying to get its pipeline approved, says it won’t back down now.

Neither will we.

Attorney Brian Jorde was featured in the Lincoln Journal Star’s coverage of this latest development. He says that the two lawsuits in Holt and York Counties should be allowed to continue since they deal with an unconstitutional law, LB 1161.

“Landowners worried about the pipeline should remain vigilant,” said Jorde. “The legal challenges related to LB1161 address a bad law... All Nebraskans want constitutional laws and so should TransCanada.”

Yesterday, TransCanada withdrew its application to the Nebraska Public Service Commission for a route permit. This means that, as of right now, there is no pipeline route under review in Nebraska. TransCanada explained that they did this because they are currently considering options for their next course of action, and plan to reapply with the NE PSC at a later date.

But Jane Kleeb, Director of Bold Nebraska and a leading force in the KXL opposition, says that the outlook for TransCanada looks bleak, citing TransCanada’s shares tanking and mass layoffs. TransCanada, of course, claims these things are unrelated to the presidential permit rejection.

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