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Rea Case Will Bring Changes to City Road Maintenance Crews


Attorney Brian Jorde successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of the Rea family whose daughter was killed in an accident involving a city truck. Part of the settlement includes new regulations for city road maintenance crews.

In a true labor of love, Attorney Brian Jorde spent several years working on a settlement for the Rea family who lost their daughter Alicia in a tragic car crash with a city vehicle back in 2010.

We can't lose sight of the fact that someone lost her life and now that can stand for something more," said Jorde. Just this month, a settlement was reached with the City of Omaha and other defendants named in the suit. In addition to a $20,000 from the state and a $280,000 payment from the city, the city agreed to implement changes that would improve visibility around work areas.

The City of Omaha agreed to the following:

  • Yearly training for all city workers employed in a highway maintenance capacity. The training will specifically focus on the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and will be called the "Alicia Marie Rea Training Program: Zero Accidents – Zero Deaths"
  • For all new city trucks used to perform maintenance on streets where the speed limit is 45mph or higher, the trucks must be equipped with high-intensity flashing lights.
  • For all existing city trucks used to perform maintenance on streets with speed limits 45mph and higher, the city must retrofit these vehicles with high-intensity flashing lights.
  • To update its highway maintenance processes to comply with the MUTCD.
  • For all highway maintenance procedures, the city agrees to consult with the State of Nebraska Department of Roads.

Jorde is relieved that the Rea family will be receiving the financial compensation they deserve, but so much more than that, he is pleased with the changes that will be happening with city vehicles and road maintenance crews. No one should have to experience what the Rea family experienced that day in 2010, and these new regulations are one more step to ensure it doesn't.

Watch the video to learn more.

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