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Attempted Sexual Assault on School Playground Stopped by 3rd Graders...Not Teachers


It seems as if each day there are news reports of violence and assaults in our schools. And each year the perpetrators are younger and younger children. In February 2013, three 8-year-old boys captured and held down an 8-year old girl on a school playground covered her mouth and attempted to undress her before other 8-year olds came to her rescue and a brawl ensued. The community and the parents want to know how this happened, where was the supervision and why did it take so long for the school to notify the parents and the police.

Below are links to stories about an attempted sexual assault of an 8-year-old girl.

Where Did They Learn It

Parents Question OPS Policies

Interview with a Victim's Father

Principle Called Police on Victim's Father

Chris Baker Radio Interview

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