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NEAT Landowner Alliance Still Holding Out - Refusing to Sign TransCanada Easements


Nebraska is the last state in which landowners are still refusing to sign easements for TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline, reports the Omaha World Herald. If the deal goes through, the pipeline would extend 1,700 miles from Canada to the Gulf Coast, traveling through six states including Nebraska.

Every landowner in five out of those six states has reached agreements with TransCanada. Although 365 Nebraska landowners (roughly 73 percent of all effected landowners in the state) have reached agreements with TransCanada, the remaining 27 percent of landowners have not, making Nebraska the only remaining state where landowners are still holding out.

Many of the Nebraska landowners refusing to sign easement agreements with TransCanada have formed an alliance. This alliance is refusing to sign any type of easement agreement unless President Obama signs off on Keystone XL.

"In a worst case scenario, these landowners will have the best terms in their contract in order to protect their land, water and privacy as much as possible," said Director of Bold Nebraska Jane Kleeb. "I remain confident the President will make the right decision and deny KXL."

To read more on this issue, view "Last Keystone XL Pipeline Holdouts Are in Nebraska" published in the Omaha World Herald on December 17, 2013.

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