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Farm and Food: Antitrust boss promises protection to poultry grower


A Lincoln Journal Star article titled "Farm and Food: Antitrust Boss Promises Protection to Poultry Grower," cited David Domina's article "Restoring Economic Health to Contract Poultry Production" which he co-authored with C. Robert Taylor. This article takes a different view of the poultry debate. It focuses on the producers rather than the packers. This article essentially served as a background for the joint Department of Justice and USDA meeting in Alabama on May 21, 2010. In the article, Domina and Taylor researched and found that operator-managers had actually lost over the past 15 years. Their cumulative losses from the period 1995 to 2009 totaled nearly $200,000. These losses are news to many, which is a primary reason why the DOJ held the Alabama meeting in the first place.

Lincoln Journal Star article here.

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