Medical Malpractice Cases Resolved

Medical Malpractice Cases Resolved

Domina Law Group pc llo’s 2010 efforts in the area of medical malpractice provided benefits for families of several persons whose lives were lost as a result of problems occurring during the course of medical care.

This year’s work ranged from negligence cases involving post-discharge death due to errors in the patient’s discharge process to in-hospital questions. Our work in medical malpractice cases extended from coast to coast and involved some of the most recognized medical institutions in the country. “Training and experience issues were exposed as a result of investigative efforts for our clients,” David Domina said, reflecting on the year’s work.

Whether the dynamics of the case render settlement possible or whether the case needs to be tried preparation is paramount. Understanding the legal complexities and identifying and developing the correct Expert Witnesses to prove a case are the building blocks for a successful outcome whether in settlement negotiations or presenting evidence to the jury. When medical malpractice cases are settled near the time of trial, the settlement terms are commonly made “on a confidential basis,” requiring terms not be disclosed.

The confidential nature of settlements in professional negligence cases can help make outcomes even more meaningful. Sometimes, significant publicity about an outcome tends to make matters more complicated and contributes to possible misunderstanding by the public. “The difficulties in demanding things remain public sometimes means a health care provider is less than willing to reach settlement terms and less willing to undertake significant remedial steps to prevent recurrence of similar problems,” Domina continued.

Families who lose loved ones want to know a serious effort is made to make a difference and prevent more harm like the tragedy confronting a particular client,” Domina said. Domina Law Group pc llo is pleased to contribute to success for several families during the past year.