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“Keynote” Speaker at OCM Banquet


The Organization for Competitive Markets (“OCM”) is not a typical farm group. OCM’s annual meeting in St. Louis, August 7, provided the setting for the United States Department of Justice, and the USDA, to make a joint announcement that information will be gathered about competitive markets as the Department of Justice focuses on competition, or lack of it, and possible antitrust enforcement needs, in various ag production input and competing product markets. Seed, beef, pork, and grain are all areas about which concern exists because of the concentration levels at the marketplace.

Dairy is another area of concern. So are potatoes, and the list goes on.

Domina discussed with OCM the use of courts in the battle for fair competition. His speech highlighted how courts work, how they must be used, and what intelligent information gathering, evidence presentation, case selection, and case process considerations must be given to achieve success.

Domina noted the DOJ announcement was a signal to the industry and a day of long-awaited satisfaction for OCM. “It took thousands of people to give a thousand days each, or more, uncompensated to move us to this investigation. Now we will move through it and make the markets better again.”

OCM is not a typical farm group. Its members are true, courageous activists. Mike Callicrate, OCM Vice President, Kansas rancher, and Colorado meat purveyor, has taken issues to the Supreme Court of the United States over manipulation of beef prices by major meat packers—and returned to fight again after losing. A.T. Terry, who has been in court against Tyson for more than three (3) years in an effort to keep his Lynchburg, Tennessee, chicken operation, is equally fearless and committed.

Elected state officials, leading ag economists, and active lawyers are OCM members, supporters, and were participants in the process.

“I am proud to be an OCM founding member,” Domina said. “Our goal is to help preserve rural America. It is so encouraging to hear government officials like the Department of Justice and the Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyard’s administrators clearly express this primary objective of their regulatory responsibilities.”

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Domina Law Group pc llo has been active in the Organization for Competitive Markets for many years. David Domina is a founding OCM member.

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