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David A. Domina to Participate in the Department of Justice Agriculture/Antitrust Enforcement Public Workshops


David A. Domina participated in the Department of Justice / Antitrust Enforcement public workshops. He addressed the markets for cattle, hogs, corn, soybeans and wheat in particular. Mr. Domina is a strong proponent of market fairness as well as transparency. In order for a market to work as it should, transactions must be transparent, information should be made readily available and there should be no undue compulsions for sellers or buyers. Unfortunately, current markets are not characterized many any of these factors, but rather their opposites. In his address, Mr. Domina gave examples from market history and made suggestions for a new market structure. If you would like to read about this workshop in more detail, you can read Mr. Domina's comments in detail by viewing: Market Transparency, Captive Supplies, and Leveling Compulsions of Buyers and Sellers.

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