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David Domina's Speech at the 2009 Annual OCM Convention


David A. Domina gave a speech at the 2009 Annual OCM Convention titled, The Role of Courts in Assuring Market Competition.OCM is the Organization for Competitive Markets. The goal of this organization is to promote and encourage fair competition in agriculture markets. Truly competitive markets are the most vibrant markets, not those markets that are concentrated in the hands of few.

Mr. Domina discussed the question "Are courts fair to farmers?"

He stated his encouragement that the First Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the U.S. came to St. Louis to address the OCM on the subject of examining ag markets and promoting fair competition. This, he said, is definitely a step in a positive direction. The courts should always act in fairness, especially because they are supposed to be immune to politics. Courts also have limits, but have the power to make public policy. These and other topics were addressed by Mr. David A. Domina of Domina Law Group pc llo. To read his speech in full detail, follow the link above.

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