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Domina Law Group pc llo Clients Win $1.265M Jury Verdict


After six days of evidence, it took a Dawson County, Nebraska Jury five hours to return a verdict for $1,265,000 in favor of Domina Law Group pc llo Clients who were officers, directors and shareholders of a small Cozad, Nebraska bakery.

Until March 15, 2000, when all Domina Law Group pc llo Clients were terminated from their employment at the Bakery, they ran the day-to-day affairs of the Bakery and were shareholders and directors of such Company since its inception in 1953.

Since 1973, the Defendant performed CPA services for the Bakery, but was never an officer, director, employee or shareholder of the Company.

In 1999, the Bakery secured a major national retail customer, and sales were impressive. "The evidence established the 1999 sales were the largest in the near half-century of the Bakery's existence, and were only going to increase," said Claudia L. Stringfield-Johnson.

Within a few short months of the Bakery securing the national retail contract, the Defendant CPA issued Bakery shares to himself, and was appointed CEO and director of the Bakery. He then terminated Domina Law Group pc llo Clients as directors, officers and employees, and diluted their shares of stock.

The Jury determined the Defendant CPA engaged in fraudulent misrepresentation and breached his duties owed to the Bakery.

"Our clients are thrilled with the result," said Claudia L. Stringfield-Johnson, Lead Trial Attorney.

April 6, 2006
Claudia L. Stringfield-Johnson

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