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Motorcycle Passenger Recovers on Claims


Domina Law Group's client, a young woman in her mid-20s, was horribly hurt in a motorcycle accident. The collision occurred at dusk while the client was a passenger with her boyfriend on a Harley Davidson classic motorcycle. A light truck turned left into the motorcycle’s path. Its driver and another witness said the motorcycle’s headlights were not operating.

The motorcycle driver was seriously injured and could not offer useful evidence. The injured passenger, represented by Domina Law Group, made damaging statements about the headlight’s working condition immediately after the collision.

Outstanding medical care dramatically reduced the injured lady’s potential permanent adverse consequences, leaving Domina Law Group lawyers with a case of questionable liability, substantial medical expenses, but an attractive, largely recovered client.

To complicate matters, there was no doubt the injured passenger and her boyfriend motorcyclist had consumed some alcohol before the collision. There was no claim they were intoxicated, but the presence of alcohol was beyond dispute.

Despite these circumstances, Domina Law Group lawyers persisted at discovery, prepared for trial, and reached settlement on favorable terms.

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