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Nebraska Public Service Commission Unanimously Rejects Request to Amend Keystone XL Pipeline Application


The Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) unanimously voted to reject TransCanada’s request to amend its Keystone XL pipeline application on Tuesday, December 19.

TransCanada filed their request in order to address any questions and prevent possible delays in the pipeline’s construction caused by the PSC’s decision to approve an alternate route while also denying the preferred route.

"Had the PSC denied TransCanada's KXL Pipeline Application an amendment could have occurred," said attorney David Domina. "Now TransCanada cannot amend and has no avenue to request alternative relief from the PSC."

The landowner’s request to nullify the approval of the alternate route was also denied by the PSC, leaving the future of the pipeline in question.

“[This is] the absolutely worst decision possible for TransCanada and the best possible outcome for landowners,” said attorney Brian Jorde.

TransCanada announced that it will take time to consider whether or not it will continue its $8 billion pipeline, but gave no timeline for the final decision. Regardless, this is a win for landowners who’ve spent years of their lives fighting to protect their rights. The battle isn’t finished just yet though, and you can learn more about the alternate pipeline here.

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