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Domina, Jorde National Magazine Article Exhorts Efforts to Protect Trial by Jury


VOIR DIRE, the national publication of the American Board of Trial Advocates, features matters focused on trial by jury. The magazine features an extensive article by Domina Law Group pc llo's David A Domina and Brian E Jorde entitled Trial: The Real Alternate Dispute Resolution Method!

"Mr. Domina and I argue that the trial process promotes respect for courts and government as it involves jurors in dispute resolution. Dwindling numbers of jury trials means fewer involved persons contributing to the process. This, in turn, is likely to depreciate public respect for the judiciary", Brian Jorde said.

Domina and Jorde received warm congratulations on the extensively researched article for its clarity, and its call to action directed to both lawyers and judges. To read the article in full, view Trial: The Real Alternative Dispute Resolution Method.

January, 2011

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