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Domina Speaker at ABA Appellate Conference


1. The American Bar Association’s Conference of Appellate Lawyers conducted its 14th Annual Appellate Institute during the final days of May 2009 in Chicago.

2. The event’s highlight was an oral argument, which followed full fledged briefing by the parties of a complicated trademark case. David Domina, Omaha, and David Frederick, Washington, D.C., presented briefs and oral argument to a panel of judges, before an audience of appellate judges, appellate Lawyers, and a panel of communications consultants.

3. The event, a unique, intensive seminar, drew attendees from the bench and bar across the United States.

Domina Law Group pc llo is a firm of trial lawyers. We specialize in complex litigation on a national basis. Our lawyers are ethical, aggressive, and committed to providing spirit and vitality to the judicial system and our client’s legal rights.
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