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Domina Law Group pc llo Wins Property Tax Relief Issue for Client


In Michigan, when a land purchaser acquires real estate, they are often met with the un-welcomed event of the property’s taxable value becoming uncapped. When the taxable value becomes uncapped it can rise to the level of the capped value and thus increase the annual tax burden significantly. In the spring of 2007, an Oakland County, MI, developer hired Domina Law Group pc llo to devise a plan to reduce the client’s property tax burden. A year before, the client purchased a significant piece of real estate in Oakland County for several million dollars. This sale triggered the uncapping of the taxable value and increased the annual taxes due on the property by nearly eight times the previous year’s amount.

Facing annual taxes of a six-figure amount and simultaneously declining land value due to the national and regional specific housing crisis, the developer experience increased difficulties holding the property. In April 2007, Domina Law Group pc llo embarked on its year long plan and strategy to achieve a reduction in taxes for the client. In May 2008, the client received word that the Board of Review agreed with Domina Law’s presentation of clients position, concurred with client, and agreed to reduce the taxable value on this property by over 51% of what it had been the year prior. The client was pleased. A reduction of this amount and percentage is uncommon and will allow the client to carry this property through this uncertain economic real estate climate.

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