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$84 million Judgment for Domina Law Group pc llo Clients!


An $84 million Judgment for fraud committed against Domina Law Group pc llo clients was entered in US Bankruptcy Court in Kansas City. The Judgment was founded on the case built by Dave Domina proving that George L Young defrauded investors in cattle and cattle feeding schemes.

Domina Law Group pc llo represented the interests of nearly half the investors in the George L Young fraud scheme. Young and his assistant, Kathleen McConnell, are serving sentences for their wrongdoing.

The recent judgment was resisted vigorously by Young's legal team. Young claimed the bankruptcy court could not issue a judgment against him because he is a farmer engaged in farming within the meaning of federal law. But Domina's brief countered this argument.

Domina told the Court one cannot hide behind the "farmer" label fraudulently, or use fraudulent, feigned, farming activity to avoid bankruptcy jurisdiction. The Kansas City Court agreed, and by doing so ended one more chapter of the saga impacting Midwestern victims of history's largest known cattle theft.

April 09, 2005
David A. Domina

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