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Little Groups. Big Achievements!


In the scheme of the world, with its 8 billion people and 160 nations, our law firm is a little group. But, little groups do big things. Now is a good time to recall how small a group can accomplish how much.

One hundred two years ago on the morning of December 17, a couple kids from central Ohio got up early. They were away from home, but their bicycles were with them. The boys were never without their bikes. In fact, they built and repaired bicycles to put bread on the table.

The boys loved bikes. They loved the feel of the wind passing by as they sped down a long hill, and the exhilaration of their lungs filling full with gulps of air as they pedaled up a steep incline. The bike gave them mobility and range... from one side of town to another in a whiz!

But these guys were a little nuts. They had an idea.... one not tried before. They wondered if they could lift a bicycle off the ground with a wing system if they could make air rush across the top of the wing so fast that it would form a shallow vacuum above the wing and "trick" the bike into a lift off the ground to fill the vacuum of air above their "air foil" or thickened front edge wing.

These guys were not physicists; they were kids who knew simple rules of nature abhors a vacuum. This simple notion led them to bet their money, and their lives, on the idea that they could make a bicycle fly by tricking it into the air to fill the vacuum nature abhors.

Orville and Wilbur Wright were no more gifted than we are. They were less educated and had fewer means. What they had was determination, and inquisitiveness, and courage. They were not selfish, and did not worry about being embarrassed by failure.

December 17, 2005, 102 years later. Tens of thousands of airplanes will transport millions of people from Omaha to Chicago, and Chicago to Seoul, New York, Paris, even Johannesburg and Beijing.

Small groups can accomplish big things.

At Domina Law Group, we are committed to changing things... for the better... for our clients, our country, and ourselves.

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