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$209,000 Jury Award For Domina Law Group Client


An Omaha Nebraska jury recently awarded Domina Law Group client Moo Y. Stranghoener $209,000, the full sum he requested. The award came in a contentious lawsuit involving complex issues about the movement of funds from South Korea to the United States, and into and out of investments.

James F. Cann of Domina Law Group handled the complex case. Cann's client sued to recover funds the defendant invested in an Omaha business after a series of complicated international lending transactions.

The Omaha investment, and the transoceanic transactions that preceded it were sharply contested at trial. They ended with a unanimous verdict that awarded Stranghoener the full amount of his claim. A forceful closing argument by Cann stressed Stranghoener's credibility, his consistency, and his selflessness as virtues of such importance as to award him the jury's verdict. All jurors agreed.

The jury's decision brought justice and vindication for Stranghoener, a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force, Omaha businessman, and native of South Korea. In addition to winning judgment for his funds, Stranghoener was awarded the jury's verdict on a counter-suit against him alleging Stranghoener had committed fraud.

Following trial, lawyer James F. Cann said, "I am pleased that the jury rejected the fraud claims and that our client has recovered a money judgment, but I am most pleased that we helped Mr. Stranghoener preserve his honor and reputation." Cann noted, "Justice is about more than a money judgment, and this case proves it."

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