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Our earliest cases involved car wrecks and shattered bodies. We presented Nebraska's defining crash-worthiness cases in airplanes and automobiles. We handled cases that involve multiple deaths, paraplegics, quadriplegics, and hundreds of wrongful deaths.

Car accidents, personal injuries, shattered lives: we make a difference.

Car Accident Cases

Few causes of personal injury are more common than automobile collisions.

Here are some examples of the kind we have handled:

  • Multiple death & multiple quadriplegia and brain injury, family van and semi-trailer truck.
  • Multiple death, daughters- crossing center line.
  • Multiple death & injury unprotected intersection collision with military vehicle- federal tort claims.
  • Wrongful death of young father.
  • Wrongful death of young mother.
  • Death of senior parents in tractor trailer collision.
  • Death of father and head of household in interstate three (3) car truck tractor & auto collision.
  • Multiple single fatality deaths.
  • Multiple paraplegia and quadriplegia cases.
  • Wide range of medical issues produced by varied factors.

Recent Results:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident – Aggravation of pre-existing injury. Six-figure settlement.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – $18,000 specials. Six-figure settlement.

Traffic Accidents: The Facts

In 2017, 210 people were killed in Nebraska traffic accidents, according to the State of Nebraska's annual report. Although the data suggests that accidents may be on the decline, there are still far too many deaths and serious injuries caused by car wrecks.

Consider the following statistics from the report:

  • In Douglas County alone, 4,319 people were injured in crashes
  • Approximately 30% of fatal car accidents are caused by drunk drivers
  • Lancaster County had the second highest number of fatal and injury crashes at 2,706

Lifelong Injuries Require Lifelong Medical Care

The car accident cases we handle are typically severe, resulting in lifelong injuries. A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye, but the consequences can affect an individual forever.

We make a difference in our clients' lives by recovering compensation for treatment such as:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Prescription medication
  • Ongoing screenings & diagnostics
  • Living modifications (wheelchair accessibility, etc.)

An excruciating emotional toll accompanies catastrophic car accidents. Therefore, we seek to recover noneconomic compensation such as loss of enjoyment of life, loss of earning capacity, and pain & suffering.

Contact Domina Law Group's Omaha car accident attorneys if you were involved in a serious auto collision. We represent clients in Nebraska and throughout the U.S.

Domina Law Group - Case Stories

Wrongful Death - Tragedy Strikes in the Early Morning On Interstate I-80

Parents juggling multiple jobs and making sacrifices to take care of their children is nothing new and always admirable. This was the case for Domina Law clients who were driving to work in the early morning of a snowy day in 2018.

Our client’s 5-year-old child was appropriately restrained in a car seat in the back seat while the father was driving with the mother in the passenger seat. This was necessary because the family only had one car, and this was their daily routine. The father would begin his day at work, and the mother would return with their son and get him ready for school.

On this day, tragedy struck, and our clients encountered black ice. The vehicle began spinning. Multiple cars that were paying attention were able to safely enter into other lanes and avoid any contact with our clients’ vehicle at all. Unfortunately, an 18-wheeler was driving in the fast lane on eastbound I-80 through Omaha which was behind the other vehicles that took action to avoid a collision collided into the rear of our clients care at a high rate of speed. The force of the 80,000 lbs. semi against the small family sedan was devastating and the young 5-year-old child suffered traumatic injuries and was later pronounced death. The mother and father also suffered physical injuries as well as obvious devastating emotional and psychological injuries.

Domina Law was able to obtain multiple confidential settlements and is pursuing additional defendants for more recovery. When advising clients on wrongful death, it is always an empty feeling to tell them they can only request money. While we all know money can never bring back a life or change a catastrophic injury or a life-changing event, it is the only method of compensation in our judicial system allows regardless of how empty and unsatisfying that answer is when it is given to grieving families.

Domina Law has decades of experience handling the most complicated wrongful death and catastrophic personal injuries cases. If you or anyone you know needs our assistance or has a case that is important to them, please contact us right away!

Wrongful Death - Infant Killed in Preventable Motor Vehicle Accident

In the early morning of a winter day in February 2017, Domina Law clients were traveling on a state highway through a rural county. While traveling at a reasonable speed, a deer entered the roadway striking our clients’ vehicle causing it to skid. Thankfully, there were no vehicles behind our clients’ car. Unfortunately, a vehicle was approaching in the opposite lane and failed to slow down and brake and/or avoid colliding directing into our clients’ car. Upon impact, which occurred at greater than 40 miles an hour into the driver’s side of the vehicle, the family’s two-year-old child was dislodged from her car seat and thrown out of the window. Tragically, the child later died after EMS was on the scene and made multiple attempts to revive her.

Domina Law represents the family for not only their personal injuries, but the conscious pain and suffering of their child and their child’s wrongful death in what we allege was a preventable accident. We believe that had the oncoming driver been paying attention as a reasonable driver has the duty to do and was not distracted immediately prior to colliding into our clients’ car.

This matter is ongoing against the main tortfeasor, although other aspects have settled favorably for the family in confidential settlements.

July 4th Disaster

A family of four (4) juggling time between family and friends were traveling on the State Highway in early morning of July 4th on a road with little traffic with excellent driving conditions. In the distance across the median on the divided highway traveling in the opposite direction there were police sirens. As the sirens came closer and closer to my client’s vehicle they were initially unable to see any other traffic. Unfortunately, at some point the vehicle being chased by the police crossed the median and came into the lane of my client.

A head-on collision occurred at very high speed and my client, his wife and his step-daughter were all killed. The driver and passenger of the other car were also killed upon impact. While such an accident that was clearly preventable is beyond words to capture the depth of loss and horror of those that all left behind, the legal tactics and strategies employed to successfully resolve such a case takes significant experience, complex litigation, as well as negotiating skills.

In this particular instance the individuals in the car that crossed the median had no insurance and were uncollectable. This leaves the insurance policies of my client and his wife as owners of the vehicle. Additionally, investigation reveals that the hot pursuit by the police may have fell below certain procedures and protocol after police were aware that the individuals they were chasing had turned off their headlights and were driving an excess of 100 miles an hour. These individuals were not fleeing from a felony or a burglary or some type of other crime, rather they were being pursued for speeding.

Careful analysis into the law of hot pursuit and the liability of the police department, as well as, knowledge of the governmental immunities and the laws precluding certain actions against the government and limiting types of recovery is critical before embarking on such difficult and lengthy litigation.

Domina Law has extensive experience in suits against the government, both state and federal level, as well as local municipalities, cities and various agencies such as local police departments or county sheriffs and their employees and agents. Domina Law’s lawyer Brian Jorde was able to partially resolve some of the damages claims of his client through a negotiated agreement between the other various decedents and injured parties to the accident by utilizing a method that provided some economic relief for those that were left behind, but also eliminated retracted litigation in determining apportionment of insurance policy coverages.

This matter is still under investigation as to potential other Defendants and ways of recovering for the deceased.

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