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Dangers of Farms & Ranches

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Farm and ranch work are dangerous! Risks are everywhere: machines, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, carcinogens, heavy objects, thousands of moving parts. So watch out while working on the farm. Things are not so idyllic as they seem! The farm's fascination or pleasures are matched by its dangers and risks!

Death comes to farm and ranch workers at a rates that exceed average for all private sector industries… and agriculture is more dangerous "by a mile." U S Dept. of Labor studies report the fatality rate in agriculture is 23.9 per 100,000 full time workers. In other industries the average is about 4/3 / 100,000. This makes farming more than 5 times as dangerous as other industries.

Orthopedic Injuries

Farming and ranching involve compact time frames in which enormous tasks must be completed. This is true for both the planting and harvesting, and the birth and feeding of livestock. The work is hard. It ranges from stoop labor to operation of massive, complex machines in isolation from others. Musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries are common afflictions on the farm or ranch.

Chemical Injuries

Direct chemical – to – skin or airway contact produces burns, pain, and the like in some, and delayed discovery such as the harms caused by carcinogens, in others. Many farm chemicals may be lawfully handled only certified, trained, and licensed persons. This is stark recognition of the risks to workers, and to the environment.

Farming Regulations

OSHA regulations require agricultural employers with 11 or more workers be provided drinking water, hand washing opportunities, and toilets for employees. (Employers with under 10 workers are exempt.) Farms with 10 or fewer employees, however, are exempt from these requirements.

Domina Law Group understands these problems first hand. Our experience with farm accidents and deaths includes:

  • NH3 Injuries & Anhydrous Ammonia Burns
  • Cancer related to pesticides on seed
  • Unsafe equipment
  • Power Takeoff and Rotating Shaft injuries
  • Tractor and Machine Turn Overs or Roll Over
  • Co-worker Neglect
  • Suffocation and Grain Bin Injuries
  • Truck – Tractor Auto Collisions
  • Grain Auger and Elevator Injuries
  • Combine and Harvesting Equipment Injuries
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Carcinogens and Delayed Discovery of Cancers

We have handled amputations, dismemberment, strangulation injuries, horrific burns, entanglements, and gorging. We know the farm, the ranch, and their risks. We will help if we can, contact us today for a review of your legal options.

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