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Mondelli v. Kendel Homes Corp.

With regard to the Mondellis' appeal, we conclude that the district court abused its discretion in excluding the testimony of Drs. Pour and King. This exclusion of evidence was prejudicial error. The district court did not abuse its discretion in refusing to allow joinder of the claims of the Mondelli family.

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Nebraska Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Domina Law Group Client in Property Tax Valuation Case

The Nebraska Supreme Court recently reversed and remanded a Tax Equalization and Review Commission (TERC) property valuation of land owned by Donald V. Cain, Jr., reducing the valuation by 47 percent. ...

Nebraska Supreme Court Decides Fate of Whiteclay Liquor Stores

Dave Domina, lawyer for the Sheridan County citizens who protested the liquor licenses, reacted to the Nebraska Supreme Court’s decision to keep the stores closed. “Today’s Nebraska ...

Attorney David Domina Delivers Argument On Behalf of Hundreds of Farmers to the Supreme Court of Nebraska

Dave Domina appeared in the Supreme Court of Nebraska recently on behalf of hundreds of farmers and surface water irrigators in the Republican River Valley. The dispute is whether or not the State of ...

Injured? Hire an Attorney Ready for Trial

Were you injured as a result of negligence? Are you preparing to file a claim? Whatever the case, it is important to retain a skilled Nebraska trial lawyer. At Domina Law Group, we are well aware of ...

Objection: A Powerful Word

Surely, trial lawyers know that "Objection!" is the law’s single most powerful word. No other single word moves the law so quickly, or the facts so abruptly. The trial lawyer’s ...

Are There Alternatives to Trial?

Our professional endeavors consist principally of " Trial Practice. Not Just Talk. " This is the Firm's motto. We take it seriously. Yet, a conventional "trial" is not right ...

White Collar Crime - What is it? How does it work?

Domina Law Group pc llo's white collar criminal defense work is varied and significant. Our work has ranged from executives charged with homicide to theft of government property, white collar ...

The U S Justice System: How Does It Compare to other Nations?

Highlights: The U S Judicial System The United States judicial system is based on the English common law tradition. As a federated republic, the country has a federal judicial system as well as 50 ...

Rule of Law Milestones

1122 BC Chou Dynasty begins 1050 The first law school opens in Pavia, Italy 1803 Marbury v. Madison, I Cranch 137 776 BC First Olympic Games 1066 William the Conqueror invades England 1804 The ...

NPR Covers Nebraska Supreme Court Keystone XL Pipeline Case

Today, National Public Radio aired a segment covering the Keytsone XL pipeline case. The argument is over the legitimacy of LB 1161 and whether Governor Dave Heineman had the authority to approve the ...

NM Jury: Multi-Million Dollar Verdict for Domina Law Group

Three and a half million dollars. That is the amount of Domina Law Group pc llo's latest multimillion dollar verdict. A New Mexico jury returned it for $3.57 million. The verdict followed two ...

Brian Jorde's Oral Argument in Sexual Assault Case

American Family Insurance Company denied coverage to its insured, a father of a minor child whose minor child committed a sexual assault on upon another minor child. We sued the father under the ...

Judicial Retention: Removing the Target Starts at Home

Attorney David Domina and Carol Domina discuss the issue of the vanishing jury from the United States judicial system and its connection to the judicial retention problem in this Spring 2013 issue of ...

Defending the Defenseless: Including the Courts

Courts are constant targets of attack. They are political targets largely because they cannot fight back. Judges are prohibited from most political acts or comments, even in states where elections for ...

Settlement is Not Always Best. Trial Can Be Much Better!

Conventional wisdom often expresses the belief that settling is better than trial on the merits of a legal dispute. Settlement has its place, of course. But "settling" a case is always like ...

Guide to the Courts: Nebraska & Michigan

Nebraska's Court System Nebraska Supreme Court The Nebraska Supreme Court consists of a Chief Justice and six associate justices. The Chief Justice, who represents the state at large, is appointed ...

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Produces Verdict

July, 2004.- Domina Law Group's 40 year old client was sexually assaulted repeatedly as a child. She worked through this travail in therapy, and finally was able to deal with her life by sharing ...

Spouse Wins 50/50 Property Division After Bitter Contest

Douglas County District Court Judge Peter Bataillon awarded Domina Law pc 's client 50% of a significant 8 figure marital estate in a decision first announced in April, and reduced to writing in ...

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