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Recent Posts in Personal Injury Category

Displaced South Sioux City Residents File Tort Claims Against the City

The South Sioux City residents who have been unable to return home since last October due to hydrogen sulfide leaks rendering their houses uninhabitable recently filed tort claims against the city. ...

Death of Omaha Public Works Department Worker Leads to Internal Investigation

Salvatore Fidone, a city worker with the Omaha’s Public Works Department, was struck and killed by a car in January while working with a crew tasked with filling a pothole near U Street on 144 ...

4 Side Effects Linked to IVC Filters

Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filters are small cone-shaped devices deigned to catch an embolism, or a blood clot that has broken off from a deep vein in the legs before it reaches the lungs or heart. The ...

Johnson & Johnson Sued By Two States over Pelvic Mesh

California and Washington state have filed lawsuits accusing Johnson & Johnson of failing to adequately warn patients and doctors about the side effects associated with its pelvic mesh implants. ...

City of Los Angeles To Pay $23.7 Million Over Death Caused by Dangerous Intersection

A jury recently found the city of Los Angeles primarily responsible for a fatal collision that occurred three years ago. Three years ago, a motorcyclist was killed after hitting a car that had inched ...

$44.1 Million in Medical Malpractice, Brain Injury Case

Failure to recognize patient’s adverse reaction to heparin results in brain hemorrhage, $44.1 million medical malpractice verdict. Heparin is a common anticoagulant medication – a blood ...

Taking On "The Industry"

The Daily Yonder recently published an article featuring Attorney Dave Domina’s work on behalf of farmers who developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). The class action lawsuit alleges that ...

Farmer's Widow Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Monsanto Over Roundup Glyphosate

The widow of a California farmer has filed a wrongful death action against Monsanto that alleges the company knew glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup weed killer) could cause cancer and other ...

$4 Million Settlement in Delayed Cesarean Section / Brain Injury Case

Iowa parents were recently awarded $4 million to settle claims that a delayed cesarean section caused the brain injury of their newborn. University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the state of Iowa ...

Caution to Mothers with Morning Sickness: Be Careful What Nausea Drugs You Take

Many doctors prescribed Zofran to expectant mothers to combat their morning sickness, but new lawsuits are emerging that claim the drug causes birth defects. Nearly 60 lawsuits have been filed by ...

Major Personal Injury Case Salvaged

It takes courage to step into the line of fire at the last moment. However, during the week of October 4, 2004, a Colorado woman phoned Domina Law Group with an emergent need for decisive action. The ...

MUD Must Pay for Woman's Injuries By Tood Copper World-Herald Staff Writer

Metropolitan Utilities District was ordered to pay $360,000 to a Papillion woman who suffered several fractures in a crash after her car slid on ice created by a MUD crew working on a water main near ...

Mediation Resolves Closed Head Injury

It was a short drive from home to Jenifer’s babysitting job. She knew the road well and was in no hurry. Jenifer waved goodbye to her mother, and departed for what she thought would be a simple, ...

$150,000.00 Jury Verdict for Injured Teen

Domina Law Grouplawyer, Cletus W. Blakeman, recently attained a $150,000.00 jury verdict for Kenny Dahlkoetter, a young man from Stanton County, Nebraska, in a lawsuit arising from a motor vehicle ...

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