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Recent Posts in Hergert Impeachment Category

Hergert Impeached

By an extremely slim margin, but a margin nonetheless, the Nebraska state legislature voted to impeach an elected official for the first time in more than two decades. University of Nebraska Regent ...

Historic Conviction Affirms Legislature's Impeachment, Domina Law Group pc llo's Argument and Trial Presentation Nebraska regent ousted for campaign fraud

Nebraska's Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the State Legislature's 25-22 vote impeaching a constitutional officer. The impeachment conviction is the second in Nebraska history, and the ...

Hergert Convicted

"The Legislature had two objectives," said Attorney David Domina in a WOWT News report. "Number one, remove this man from constitutional office. Number two, establish that election ...

Timeline of Key Events Leading to the Hergert Impeachment

The Lincoln Journal Star recently featured an article written by the Associated Press detailing a timeline of pivotal events in the David Hergert impeachment case. Mr. Hergert was a member of the ...

Domina Law Group pc llo's Final Submission Made in Historic Impeachment Case

Domina Law Group pc llo 's final submissions were made to the Nebraska Supreme Court May 22 and May 26, in historic impeachment proceedings. David Domina and the Firm were engaged by the Nebraska ...

Lessons Learned from the Hergert Impeachment Trial

The David Hergert impeachment trial is coming to a close, and many Nebraskans are wondering whether or not at least five of the seven Nebraska Supreme Court justices will agree that Hergert is guilty ...

McCook Daily Gazette Reports Hergert Prosecution Almost Done

As the Hergert impeachment trial comes to a close, Attorney David Domina has still not called David Hergert himself as a witness. Today in court, the lawyers defending David Hergert against charges ...

Day Two of Hergert's Impeachment Trial

Today was the day Don Blank testified in the David Hergert impeachment trial. Mr. Blank was the man who ran against Mr. Hergert in the 2004 election- the election which Mr. Hergert is accused of ...

Washington Post Reports on Beginning of University Impeachment Trial

At this point in time, the Nebraska legislature (Attorney David Domina representing) impeached David Hergert, a University of Nebraska regent, for rigging his 2004 campaign. If at least five out of ...

Hergert Impeachment Trial Begins, David Domina Leads the Way

Nebraska Regent David Hergert's impeachment trial began today (Monday, May 8, 2006). The Nebraska state legislature appointed Attorney David Domina, founder of Domina Law Group, to prosecute the ...

Nebraska Constitutional Officer Impeached: Domina Chosen to Prosecute Case

For the second time since 1900, and the second time in this State's history, a constitutional officer has been impeached by the Nebraska Legislature. This impeachment will result in the second ...

1011 News Reports on Hergert Impeachment Trial

Today in court, reports 1011 News, Former University of Nebraska Regent Don Blank gave his testimony. Don Blank was the man David Hergert was running against in the 2004 campaign in which Hergert is ...

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