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Mondelli v. Kendel Homes Corp.

With regard to the Mondellis' appeal, we conclude that the district court abused its discretion in excluding the testimony of Drs. Pour and King. This exclusion of evidence was prejudicial error. The district court did not abuse its discretion in refusing to allow joinder of the claims of the Mondelli family.

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Displaced Residents of South Sioux City File Lawsuits Against Bog Ox Energy, City

South Sioux City residents who were displaced from their homes by foul odors have filed the first three of what will likely be several more lawsuits against Big Ox Energy and the city itself. Domina ...

South Sioux City Settlement Offer Rejected By Displaced Residents

The city of South Sioux City’s settlement agreement was rejected by David Domina of the Domina Law Group and Brian E. Buckmeier, an attorney in Sioux City, who represent more than 20 of the ...

What Does It Mean When Something Is "Probably Carcinogenic"?

News outlets have spent years covering carcinogens, claiming that everything from oral sex to soup will cause cancer. What doesn’t get touched on as often are the different classifications of ...

Domina Law Group Attorneys Meet with Sewer Backup Victims

Several hundred residents of Lincoln, Nebraska were effected by two sewer backups. Now, Domina Law Group is meeting with victims to discuss potential legal actions against the city. The city has ...

Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument Concerning Waste Disposal Plant

The Nebraska Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the second iteration of a case involving controversy between landowners and Waste Management of Nebraska, Inc. Waste Management, through a contract ...

Domina, Jorde to Address Critical Ag Issues at Meeting Next Tuesday

Attorneys Dave Domina and Brian Jorde will hold an informational meeting next Tuesday, March 10 to discuss pertinent agricultural and economic issues. Join Attorneys Dave Domina and Brian Jorde on ...

China's 2014 Corn Imports Down More Than 20 Percent From Year Prior

Recent customs data has revealed that China's corn imports from 2014 were down 20.4 percent from the year before, due to the country's rejection of U.S. corn contaminated by GMOs. China is the ...

Dave Domina Featured in Vice to Discuss Keystone XL Lawsuit

Dave Domina was featured yesterday in an article that appeared in Vice to discuss TransCanada, eminent domain, and the possible implications of a pipeline for Nebraska landowners. TransCanada is ...

Farmers Taking Action and Joining GMO Corn Seed Lawsuit

Hundreds of farmers throughout the United States have joined forces and filed suit against Swiss company Syngenta over genetically modified (GMO) corn seed. The suit alleges that Syngenta failed to ...

China Approves U.S. Corn Imports, Ending Five-Year Review of Syngenta GMO Corn

On Monday, Syngenta announced that China had officially approved imports of corn from the United States. Specifically, China has approved imports of corn grown from (or cross-pollinated with) a ...

China's Approval of Syngenta GMO Corn May Compel Settlements

China recently announced that they would begin accepting imports of U.S. corn, which could prompt Syngenta to settle claims over GMO corn seeds. According to lawsuits filed by corn farmers and ...

Settlement Finally Reached for Largest Inland Oil Spill in US History

Although a federal judge still needs to approve it to make it official, Enbridge has finally reached a settlement with the class of people affected by the 2010 pipeline leak along the Kalamazoo River. ...

What Would Travel Through KXL? An In-Depth Look at Canada's Tar Sands

Today, Outside Magazine released a piece of investigative journalism written by Ted Genoways. The article chronicles the tar sands of Canada and the impact that extraction has had on the environment ...

Lessons from KXL's Predecessor

With all the controversy surrounding Keystone XL, it can be easy to forget that before KXL, there was Keystone I. KXL is an extension on the already-operating Keystone pipeline, or rather, the series ...

Dave Domina Featured on Front Page of Western Livestock Journal to Discuss KXL

Countless media sources have been featuring stories on the Keystone pipeline and Nebraska's debate over the constitutionality of a bill that allowed its approval, but today, Western Livestock ...

14 Arkansas Families File Suit After Series of Earthquakes

A group of 14 families from Central Arkansas has filed a lawsuit against Chesapeake Operating Inc. and BHP Billiton Petroleum LLC over a series of earthquakes in 2010-2011 allegedly caused by oil ...

Louisiana Couple Files Lawsuit Over Toxic Waste Leak

A husband and wife from Gonzales, Louisiana have filed a lawsuit over toxic waste that leaked onto their property and negatively impacted their health. The lawsuit alleges that the toxic waste ...

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