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Recent Posts in Car Accidents Category

City of Los Angeles To Pay $23.7 Million Over Death Caused by Dangerous Intersection

A jury recently found the city of Los Angeles primarily responsible for a fatal collision that occurred three years ago. Three years ago, a motorcyclist was killed after hitting a car that had inched ...

Hope from Tragedy: Positive Changes Follow Alicia Rea's Tragic Death

A year after settlement was reached with the City of Omaha and the State of Nebraska in the tragic motor vehicle death of Alicia Rea, 24, the positive effects of her legacy continue. Alicia Rea lost ...

Man Ejected from Truck On Highway 75, Dies from Injuries

Last week, on Tuesday, October 20, 2015, a man was traveling on Highway 75 when he potentially experienced a mechanical issue with his truck and a tire blew out causing him to lose control. Mycal ...

Rea Case Will Bring Changes to City Road Maintenance Crews

Attorney Brian Jorde successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of the Rea family whose daughter was killed in an accident involving a city truck. Part of the settlement includes new regulations ...

Jorde Successfully Represents Family of Woman Killed in Crash with City Vehicle

Attorney Brian Jorde was able to negotiate a $20,000 payment from the state and a $280,000 payment from the City of Omaha for the family of a woman killed in a crash involving a city vehicle. After ...

Nearly 36% of Nebraskans Involved in Crashes Are Either Killed or Injured

Although Nebraska has seen a steady decline in the number of overall traffic accidents, they are still a common occurrence. The worst of them end in serious, lifelong injuries or death. In 2013 alone, ...

The Civil Side of Criminal Cases

Domina Law Group evaluates the civil component in many criminal cases. Victims of crimes can bring civil action against their wrongdoer. For example, this is common in many sexual assault cases. In ...

Chase County Rollover Accident Proves Fatal

Tragic news from Chase County. A young man, just 24 years old, was killed in a rollover accident. The driver for unknown reasons lost control of his vehicle and spun off the road. No other vehicles ...

MUD Must Pay for Woman's Injuries By Tood Copper World-Herald Staff Writer

Metropolitan Utilities District was ordered to pay $360,000 to a Papillion woman who suffered several fractures in a crash after her car slid on ice created by a MUD crew working on a water main near ...

$150,000.00 Jury Verdict for Injured Teen

Domina Law Grouplawyer, Cletus W. Blakeman, recently attained a $150,000.00 jury verdict for Kenny Dahlkoetter, a young man from Stanton County, Nebraska, in a lawsuit arising from a motor vehicle ...

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