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Recent Posts in Appellate Court Category

Neb Supreme Court Rules for Investors. New Rules to Protect Private Investors Put Burdens on Promoters

Investors who are misled by false statements need not prove that they actually "relied" on the falsehoods when they decided to invest money. This ruling, deciding a new legal principle under ...

Nebraska Supreme Court Announces a "Tie" in Keystone XL Case

Today the Nebraska Supreme Court announced an historic "tie". In a case affecting the potential construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline by TransCanada, a foreign corporation seeking to ...

Appeals Court Hears Arguments for Former NFL Player

Oral arguments, in the Nebraska Court of Appeals in mid-November, submitted, for appellate decision, a long standing dispute involving a former veteran National Football League star. Domina Law Group ...

Cattlemen and Consumer Groups File Amicus Brief in Canadian Border Suit

Lincoln, NE ~ Cattle producer, consumer and public interest groups representing one-sixth of the U.S. population announced today the joint filing of an Amicus (friend of the court) Brief with the ...

First Impression Question Concerning Removal Of Corporate Directors Submitted

Domina Law Group pc llo was engaged by a Thedford, Nebraska, corporation's majority shareholders, a husband and wife, owning more than eighty percent (80%) of the company's stock, to present ...

Chrysler Appellate Briefs Filed

Domina Law Group pc llo 's extensive trial practice takes it to the appellate courts routinely. The Firm, despite its small size, has logged more than 200 appellate court appearances. Among the ...

Appellate Argument Scheduled in Important Charitable Foundation Case

Domina Law Group pc llo 's appeal on behalf of the sole surviving family members who represent the Hitchcock family, will be heard in the Nebraska Supreme Court in March. Domina Law Group pc llo, ...

Effective Oral Argument: Thoughts on Appellate Advocacy

Introduction To be effective before a tribunal in oral argument, an appellate advocate needs little abstract advice. Instead, sharp focus on the particulars of the case before the Appellate Court will ...

Appellate Panel Sustains Domina Law Group pc llo's Position

The United States Court of Appeal for the Eighth Circuit's Bankruptcy Appellate Panel rejected cattle scam perpetrator George L. Young's attempts to avoid a series of Bankruptcy Court ...

Appellate Oral Argument Set in Important Immunity Case

An important appellate case is scheduled for upcoming oral argument. Domina Law Group pc llo 's client seeks a significant ruling. The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit ...

Appeal Taken in Ohio Case

Domina Law Group pc's clients filed documents appealing a Bankruptcy Judge's decision to cut out their judgments for intentional wrongful conduct, and approve a bankruptcy plan that will raise ...

Church wins second case in Appellate Court.

More than 75 persons were interviewed. "We took charge of the evidence, and made it clear to everyone in the Church that something would be done in a highly professional, and completely thorough ...

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