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At Domina Law Group we are fortunate to work on fascinating and compelling legal problems and lawsuits that change laws and affect our country – Media across the US and across the borders agree. Read stories and watch videos of our cases and with our lawyers.

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Trial is legal surgery, the narrowest specialty, and it requires unique skills. Our clients want our service and hope they never need it again- like surgery.

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Domina Law Group pc llo provided a power point as an example of a court presentation. The identities of all the people in this sample have been changed to maintain confidentiality. In this sample case, Domina Law Group's client was a long time farmer who had never had an accident in 65 years, until one day he began using a particular type of farming equipment. This particular piece of equipment had no user instructions, no warning labels and was sold without safety protection guards. Upon use of this device, the accident-free farmer was dismembered, losing both his arms. Domina Law Group contended that the farm product manufacturer violated a number of safety and manufacturing standards. Because of this negligence, the plaintiff was no longer able to perform simple tasks like getting out of bed, let alone operating a farm. To learn more about how Domina Law Group's Nebraska personal injury attorneys would handle a farm injury case such as this, view Sample Court Presentation PowerPoint.

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