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Blog Posts in October, 2005

Email: Blessing & Curse.

How To Use It. How To Handle It. Email is everyone's blessing, and everyone's curse. It aids communication, but has an insistence something like a ringing telephone. It seems to require answer ...

Legal Malpractice Case Submitted to Jury

David Domina's closing argument, delivered from a chair, while seated in front of the jury, put a conversational end to a week of tumultuous testimony in a major Nebraska legal malpractice case ...

Appeal Taken in Ohio Case

Domina Law Group pc's clients filed documents appealing a Bankruptcy Judge's decision to cut out their judgments for intentional wrongful conduct, and approve a bankruptcy plan that will raise ...

Trial Date Sought in Suit Against Convicted Bookkeeper

Trial on claims against Kathleen McConnell designed to reach her company's insurance policy was requested in papers filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Missouri, during ...

South Dakota Medical Malpractice Claims Resolved

A medical malpractice claim against a South Dakota Hospital was resolved by settlement, and a jury returned a verdict for a second Defendant, a physician, after trial proceedings completed in October ...

Domina Law Group pc llo Fights for Grain Producer Against USDA

Attorneys David Domina and Michael Stumo of Domina Law Group pc llo defended a Mapleton, Iowa farmer from US Department of Agriculture farm program benefit cuts. Alan Bruhn of Mapleton, Iowa is one of ...

Iowa's Punitive Damages

Will Iowa's adoption of changes to the Iowa Civil Jury Instructions on punitive damages mean large punitive damage awards are more likely to withstand judicial scrutiny? In December, 2004, the ...

HEL Ruling Rules Compliance Challenged

It all seems to have started when a prominent Sioux Citian bought a large piece of land, and made it known he would develop it to farm. Much of the Loess Hills tract had never been broken. Parts, ...

$2.6 million New Mexico Verdict Affirmed

The United States District Court for the District of New Mexico issued its 10-page opinion affirming a $2.619 million dollar jury verdict in favor of Domina Law Group pc llo 's New Mexico dairy ...

Church wins second case in Appellate Court.

More than 75 persons were interviewed. "We took charge of the evidence, and made it clear to everyone in the Church that something would be done in a highly professional, and completely thorough ...

USDA NAD Erosion Case Goes to Trial.

One of Northwest Iowa's largest farmers, and a leader at "no-till" farming methods, finds himself in a precarious position with the USDA. The farmer has been excluded from the Federal ...

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