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AndroGel Lawsuit Attorneys

AndroGel May Be Linked to Heart Attack, Stroke, Death, and Problems in Children

The Nebraska injury lawyers at Domina Law Group are currently accepting cases involving AndroGel injuries. According to some claims, AndroGel may be linked to serious and life-threatening side effects such as heart attack and stroke.

What is AndroGel?

AndroGel is a topical gel prescribed to some men for the treatment of low testosterone. The product is manufactured by a company called "AbbVie," which is a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories. AndroGel was manufactured and approved in the following doses:

  • AndroGel 1%
  • AndroGel 1.62%

The lower dose of AndroGel was approved 15 years ago while the higher, 1.62% dose was not approved until 2011. Some men who were diagnosed with Low T were prescribed AndroGel to increase testosterone and improve sex drive, energy, muscle gain, and a variety of other touted benefits. Some studies do suggest that men are prescribed AndroGel and other low testosterone treatments without any real medical need for it.

Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke in AndroGel Users

Some men have filed claims against the makers of AndroGel, claiming that the manufacturer should have warned users (or should have known to warn users) of the risks of side effects like heart attack and stroke. Studies within the past few years have led some experts to believe that older men who are predisposed to heart conditions are at a greater risk of heart attack, stroke, and death when they use testosterone therapies such as AndroGel.

How AndroGel Could Affect Children

Some claims of AndroGel injuries include risks to children through secondary exposure to the topical gel. AndroGel works by spraying the gel onto the upper arm. Some children have reportedly been exposed to the gel through secondary exposure from their fathers and other accidental causes. In response, AndroGel issued a black box warning saying that exposure to children could cause:

  • Premature pubic hair growth
  • Aggressive behavior or dramatic mood spikes
  • An increase in libido, and other hormonal changes

Domina Law Group Is Here for You

Were you or a loved one harmed by the use of the testosterone gel AndroGel? If so, you may have a claim against AbbVie and/or Abbott Laboratories for failure to warn of the serious risks associated with use of the product. To learn more about your legal rights and options, contact us today to tell us what happened.

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