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Nebraska Farm and Land Disputes

If you own or stand to inherit farm or ranch land there may be millions on the line if ownership interests are in dispute. It is standard practice that farming and ranch families tend to work together often forming partnerships or corporations to facilitate their shared efforts and business activities. Oftentimes differences of opinions, fighting within families, or failures to properly implement succession planning can lead to high stakes disputes over land and other partnership or family assets.

Our Current Responsibilities Concerning Family Land and Property or Business Disputes:

  • Brother v. Brother Family Dispute: Corporation
  • Brother v. Brother Family Dispute: Family Limited Partnership
  • Mother & Son v. Other Siblings Dispute: Family Partnership
  • Siblings v. Nephews v. Nieces Dispute: Family Trust
  • Trust Powers Dispute: Family Trust, Marital Trust
  • Sibling Fight: Family Trust and Parent’s Estate

Types of Farm & Land Disputes We Handle

At Domina Law Group, our Nebraska farm dispute attorneys have represented countless clients in family and closely held partnerships or corporations. Some of our cases have involved:

  • One of multiple siblings convinces elderly mother to give substantially below market rate option to buy family farm.
  • One of multiple siblings is Trustee or Personal Representative for parents Trust of Will and engages in self-dealing and enriches himself at expense of other siblings.
  • One of multiple siblings uses family farm trust assets without paying fair market rent or deducting from future inheritance at expense of brothers and sisters.
  • Two of multiple siblings team up to push out third sibling of family agricultural business and refuse to pay fair market value for departed sibling's share of business.
  • Partner responsible for accounting in agricultural business fails to pay hundreds of thousands in taxes and innocent partner is at risk for other partner's intentional bad acts.
  • "Favorite son" returns to home place after years away while other siblings farmed and grew the assets of farming operations and convinces elderly father to leave all of his assets to favored son cutting out the other children.
  • Father and Son partners disagree with future of business and father attempts to force son out.
  • Withdrawals from Family LLCs by Sibling over Objections
  • Trust Administration Disputes
  • Estate Disputes
  • Dissolution of Family Corporations
  • Dissolution of Family LLCs and Limited Partnerships
  • Partition and Sale of Real Estate
  • Quiet Title to Real Estate
  • Disputes over Options to Buy Land
  • Land Valuation and Appraisal Problems
  • Complex Dissolution of Marriage and Divorce Cases
  • Complicated business "planning" makes it nearly impossible for LLC member to exit or force a buyout of his shares in closely held company.

With land prices at all-time highs it is more prevalent than ever that overreaching by siblings or business partners is occurring. With millions at stake in land and assets and decades of blood sweat and tears invested in your business don't leave the fight of your life in anyone's hands. At Domina Law Group we work with farmers, ranchers, small business owners when they face the prospects of a "family divorce" or need to either get out of a business or partnership at a fair price or to force out bad actors that are overreaching. We do this work often and enjoy working towards solutions whether that involves resolving the fight without court involvement or if a trial is necessary.

Whether your dispute has been brewing for years or if you just uncovered unjust acts we can help. Don't assume waiting and hoping time will solve any doubts you have about your partnership, company, or potential inheritance. If you are in doubt, call us and we can discuss options you may have.

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