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Agriculture Anti-Trust Practice

American agriculture - the process of growing the nation's food supply - has traditionally been an entrepreneurial business. Agriculture functions best when production and processing occur in diverse hands. The more producers and manufacturers there are, the safer and more secure the nation's food supply is.

Pinch points of economic narrowness where huge supplies of raw goods pass through a narrow processing center before spreading back out to the population present security targets in many senses. Bio-security, criminal security, employee security, and health security are all heightened dramatically where the potential for contamination, misconduct, or criminality could affect the greatest number of persons.

Similarly, concentration of food production-wealth in the hands of a few can be dangerous.

These thoughts have led us to develop an active and focused interest in the nation's anti-trust laws. Mergers, acquisitions, and business concentration have reduced the number of companies involved in food processing, and resulted in consolidation among producers. Where anti-trust infractions have occurred, enforcement has been lacks. Private attorneys have a role in this process.

Domina Law Group seeks to fulfill its role. Our representative cases include:

  • Lead responsibility in class action litigation to compel accurate invoice practices against swine producers.
  • Lead trial responsibility to achieve balance in creditor laws, and prevent banks from having an unfair advantage after innocent purchasers of farm products, and particularly livestock.

Perception can be, or least defined, as reality. Humans think of things topically, and often too narrowly. Thus, one may be perceived as an attorney engaged in limited areas of practice, e.g. labor law; corporate law; personal injury litigation; wrongful death litigation. The public tends to think the opposite of a narrow, topical law practice focus is general practice. However, this perception is not accurate.

Areas of practice emphasis for lawyers are more intelligently broken down functionally than topically. For example, one might spend an entire career in labor law, and never see a courtroom or, a general practitioner might truly "specialize" in counseling individuals about estates, wills, trusts, business organizations, purchase and sale of modest assets, and family law matters without ever having occasion to be in court for anything remotely complex, and certainly without ever encountering a jury. Ag law, or agriculture practice, for lawyers defies topical narrowness. Here, some definition is offered to help one understand our practice.

About Our Agriculture Law Practice

Domina Law Group serves agriculture, ag producers, and small, independent ag businesses. We do not represent public corporations, who have, or use, their market power to dominate farmers and ranchers.

Our practice is a trial practice. We stand up in court. We do this for farmers, ranchers, independent grocers, other independent businesses, and families. This is agriculture practice for a trial lawyer who cares about people. Our work ranges from cases involving accidental death and injury, to complex product liability suits, to warranty claims against manufacturers, to enforcing fairness in public markets.

During our work, we have been called upon to present cases to juries in a dozen US states - all involving some aspect of agriculture and independent business. Our lectures, presentations, and writings, have included:

  • California Farm Bureau
  • Faculty Groups at State Universities
  • National and International Ag and Producer Organizations
  • Lawyers, Judges and Practitioners
Call Domina Law Group's agriculture law attorneys today for a review of your case!

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